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Pornceptual Magazine #2 – Fetish (SOLD OUT)


For the second issue of our magazine we have looked at the idea of fetish. Fetish is way of attributing sexual/erotic meaning. It is a magical process of symbolic re-appropriation. In our quest to expand the spectrum of fetish, we have realised that rather than just presenting a definite answer to what fetish was, it would be more powerful to ask the question: What really is a fetish? Or – more importantly- what could a fetish be? The aim then stops being to document a group of fetishes in particular and it becomes about the possibility of a fetish. The idea was to let artists come up with their representations of unconventional fetishes. Showing you what a fetish could be, instead of dictating it will hopefully inspire you to start questioning what fetishes others have and also what your own fetishes are.

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Printed in color.

Limited edition of prints.

Self-published with no advertisements.